American Sleep and Breathing Academy “Study Club” redefines successful dental sleep medicine weekend courses!

American Sleep and Breathing Academy “Study Club” redefines successful dental sleep medicine weekend courses!

November 11th 2015, from the ASBA

PEORIA, Arizona, November 11th 2015 – One of the fastest growing areas in dentistry, dental sleep medicine is also a source of annoyance and deflated expectations for a lot of Dentists who have invested in courses and equipment , only to leave with no clear plan of how to incorporate dental sleep into their practice.

The American Sleep and Breathing Academy “ASBA” Study club seminars redefine what a successful dental sleep weekend course is.  The Study club is led by ASBA Diplomates “DASBA” who concentrate on helping attendees learn the skills to implement sleep apnea dentistry in their practice. One main difference is the ASBA Study club does not allow vendors or product specific presentations unless competitive or comparable products are also presented, which provides context and encourages free discourse as to clinical yield best practices and enhanced revenue models.

Day 2 of the study club is a real treat; the Pro Player Health Alliance has a breakfast with retired NFL greats. This weekend Roy Green, Derek Kennard and Mark Walczak sat with attendees and spoke about sleep apnea and wellness. “The impact of sleep apnea on a person who needs to perform at Roy Green Coming off the balltheir best cannot be underestimated” says Roy Green. These retired NFL players help raise awareness and encourage retired NFL players and the public to get tested and treated for obstructive sleep apnea. May of the ASBA dentists have worked with this group to provide screening and treatment for icons of the NFL world. Players like Eric Dickerson and Marcus Allen have all given their time to this important cause.


Each Diplomate presenter at the Study Club presents their personal strategic plan, and shares the key decision points that make or break a new practice. This helps attendees test their understanding of the standard of practice employed by the ASBA Diplomate through open discussion.


Each of the Diplomates have successful robust sleep practices in excess of $1.5M annually, no two are the same, each study club will have minimum of 3 DASBA presenters. There is a tremendous amount of personalized advice and specific step-by-step instructions to aid the Study Club Member in achieving success with their sleep business.



“Training Sleep Apnea Dentistry has become rife with folks overstating their abilities and experience. Selling substandard equipment at inflated prices to an unsuspecting group of clinicians who simply want to treat their patients.”
David Gergen, ASBA


“This past weekend over half of the attendees had attended more than one vendor sponsored seminar in the last year. As a group none of the attendees had managed to achieve any traction with sleep apnea dentistry in their practice.” Alan Hickey, ASBA


ASBA Study Club: More than a series of Seminars, this Academy will help you build your practice using our proven methods. Seminars are by Dentists who have built sleep practices with annual revenue over $1.5 M.

This study club format is unique, affordable, and designed to give you the tools to preform at the level of the mentors. Many have left the conference saying that it was the most vital, essential & powerful dental sleep learning event they’ve ever attended!

The benefit of this style of education is that the group is limited to 12 offices. This gives us the opportunity to focus on specific questions and with one on one discussions that can be shaped for every region of the country.

This program is suited for practices starting with sleep apnea treatment and practices that have yet to achieve their potential. We feature Doctors from a wide range of markets, from 100,000 to 6.5M population, who will share insight with you on they grew their dental sleep practice. Hear accounts from real ASBA members who have been in the same position you were a few years ago!

Learn from their successes at the ASBA study club!

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