ApneaRX low cost predictor device case report

ApneaRX low cost predictor device case report

ApneaRX low cost predictor device case report

A 49 year old adult male has been diagnosed with mild to moderate OSA. The patient was given several therapeutic options including positive pressure therapy and also oral appliance therapy. The patient was leaning towards the oral appliance however primary concerns were perceived gag sensitivity and cost of custom appliance, CPAP therapy was initiated at a pressure of 7.0 cm H2O, after some months patient was unable to meet compliance standards.

The patient was fitted with an ApneaRx transitional appliance as a method of testing the patients ability to tolerate an oral appliance and to predict a therapeutic outcome.









product description video http://bit.ly/LV3Q8F

Patient History

Epworth of 14

Noted snoring and pauses in breathing by spouse.

BMI of 30.5

No medical co-morbidities



A baseline HST was performed using the NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor.The study was hand scored by a RPSGT and the patient was diagnosed by a board certified sleep physician

Patient demonstrated mild overall OSA with an AHI of 11/hr and

and AHI of 15\hr while supine.  The lowest desaturation  was 83%


The patient’s response was constant with a oral appliance responder. A referral to a sleep disorders dentist was provided and the patient is now managed dentally for his sleep disordered

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