ASBA Affiliate Member: Transportation Program


  1.  This is a new program, and as such, the Membership Level into the American Sleep & Breathing Academy is considered an affiliate membership.  You will not have the full rights of a paying member of the ASBA, but since this is a pilot program, the membership is free.  You may of course join as a full member if you would like to do so, and information is available on the website for that.
  2.  You will be required to familiarize yourself with a basic educational module during the next 2 months,  regarding these specific patients that will come through your office to standardize care as much as possible throughout the country.
  3.  You will be required to be familiar with our position paper on transportation and sleep, and also the multidisciplinary approach that the ASBA promotes.  This position paper will be sent to you on September 1st , 2013 for review.
  4.  There are no standard reimbursements at this time for seeing the patients.  The patients will need to fit in with your financial arrangements to be seen at your office.  This may change over time, so flexibility in this area is preferred for a long-term relationship and continuity of care across state borders.
  5.  You will receive a window sticker/ front door sticker saying you are an approved ASBA member site for transportation before the program is running in full.
  6.  The American Sleep & Breathing Academy may publish this list with your name on it as an approved site from the ASBA to see these truckers and other transportation patients.


Thank you for your support.  We are limiting the number of Sleep Specialists physicians we involve in this program since it is a pilot program.  Please be flexible as we iron out the details that work best for these patients and as we all see what type of volume this brings into your office.

For more information, contact us at or call 866-272-3226 M-F 9am to 5pm MST.