ASBA Study Club – Register Now for the Best Non-Vendor Course of the Year

ASBA Study Club – Register Now for the Best Non-Vendor Course of the Year

When you decide to attend a dental sleep educational course, where do you begin? You have to know who you’re learning from, credentials/experience of the organization and its speakers, and the method of instruction that will provide you with the desired outcome. At the American sleep (ASBA) Study Club you will be educated from A-Z on how to build a million-dollar practice, from experts who are actually doing it in the industry, and who have created successful business models in various markets.

This learning experience is in an elite and non-vendor atmosphere, where practitioners who have built million-dollar practices will offer their combined experience in dental sleep medicine at an up-close, hands-on learning environment. The ASBA Study Club isn’t a traditional lecture with speakers and presentations; it is a Q&A with real material, case studies and collaboration at a location where you aren’t being bombarded by salesmen. You will return home with skills and knowledge you can apply to your practice, not another piece of equipment or subscription to something you won’t be using in a month.

These mini-conferences are unique, very affordable, 100%-nonprofit events designed to help ASBA members and potential members enjoy continued prosperity & growth. Many have left the conference saying that it was the most vital, essential & powerful dental sleep learning event they’ve ever attended.  We feature Doctors from a wide range of markets who will share insight with you on how to grow your dental sleep practice. Hear accounts from real ASBA members! Learn from their successes at our Study Club! Join us in Phoenix, AZ on August 11-12, 2017 for the next ASBA study club by registering now as spots are limited!


Event Details:

Pointe Hilton – Squaw Peak Resort

August 11-12, 2017

Course Fee: $1,500

Breakfast/Lunch Included


For more information/registration call 602-478-9713 or email