Gain The Upperhand-More Political Influence For ASBA Members

Gain The Upperhand-More Political Influence For ASBA Members

castlemarkdavekoalaThere is no doubt that the Presidential election has been at the forefront of political news this year. The latest on the subject mentioned by multiple media outlets surrounds the possibility of Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer joining Donald Trump’s national ticket as the vice-presidential pick. So where is the connection to members of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA)? David Gergen, Executive Director of the ASBA, has remained close friends with Jan Brewer and the family for decades including the duration of her six year service to Arizona. This adds to the already vast reach the ASBA has in the political world and provides an additional valuable connection for ASBA members and their PAC.

In January this year, Gergen hosted the largest public sleep apnea awareness event in the Country which attracted not only over 3,000 attendees, but future NFL Hall of Fame Larry Fitzgerald, Phoenix Police Department Chief of Police and Gergen’s school friend Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Subsequently, Mr. Brnovich was treated for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by ASBA Diplomate Dr. Castle at Koala Sleep Center of Arrowhead.

The ASBA has long held strong footing associated with congress and the US Department of Transportation. This has clearly been shown by current involvement in the process of establishing protocol for the transportation industry to be treated exclusively by ASBA members; David Gergen commissioned Dr. Elliott Alpher, ASBA Diplomate, earlier this year to launch an initiative in collaboration with Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo to make oral appliance therapy the benchmark treatment for OSA.

As a result, a special committee of ASBA Diplomates and other powerful figures such as NFL greats Roy Green, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, Congressman Marty Russo, Congressman Jim McGovern, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, and Ex-Senator Chris Dodd will be sent back to Washington to speak to the Senate on September 27, 2016.

Dr. Elliott Alpher says, “The ASBA is the only academy fighting for the dentists’ rights in the sleep apnea arena and the efforts will become stronger as the American Sleep and Breathing Academy grows. The more members we have the more firepower we’ll have. I am so pleased that I have joined this academy because this is the only academy making a huge difference in my humble opinion. We are so blessed to have so many congressmen and congresswomen as well as NFL legends backing us.”

When considering the political/NFL ties the American Sleep and Breathing Academy holds, value in being a member and advantages over non-members certainly become apparent.

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