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The CPSGT (Certified Polysomnographic Technician) certificate is an entry-level certification to be earned by individuals new to the sleep field.  It is time-limited; certificate holders must earn the RPSGT credential within three years or lose the CPSGT designation.  The RPSGT credential recognizes extensive experience, education, and professional competency in sleep.  It is and will continue to be offered as the gold standard for polysomnographic technologists.
To earn the CPSGT certificate an individual new to the sleep field must make an early commitment to sleep: eligibility carries both an experiential and an educational requirement.  Certificate holders must earn a minimum of 10 CECs each year the certificate is held.  And, they must continue to work toward the RPSGT credential.
The CPSGT certificate program reflects our field’s commitment to competency-based testing early in a sleep professional’s career, and requires an early and on-going commitment to continuing education: both cornerstones in enhancing the level of professionalism in our field.