Sleep & Wellness Magazine

The American Sleep & Breathing Academy is pleased to announce the beginning of The Sleep & Wellness Campaign. We would like to invite you to join in this campaign that would directly target the patients in your serving area. At the heart of this campaign is a full issue magazine called Sleep & Wellness that will be released on a quarterly basis. This beautifully illustrated full issue magazine can be purchased for your Sleep Center for the price of a brochure. Health care is changing, and we need to reach our patients directly.

The Sleep & Wellness Campaign comprises of other monthly educational on-line activities for your patients to maintain their ties to you as a facility which are included with the cost of joining the campaign. We can afford to offer you this patient care campaign for the price of a brochure because of our advertising. Take advantage of this opportunity to do some co op advertising with other sleep centers around the nation and effectively hit your target  market, your patients.

Thank you for your support while we support you, our fellow Sleep Specialists!

For additional benefits for members, pricing, and instructions on how to join The Sleep & Wellness Campaign today.