The Next ASBA Study Club Has Been Announced! Reserve Your Seat Before They Are Filled!

The Next ASBA Study Club Has Been Announced! Reserve Your Seat Before They Are Filled!

Why can’t YOU have a million-dollar dental sleep medicine practice? You can! When you decide to attend this ASBA Study Club you will be educated from A-Z on how to build a million-dollar practice, from experts who are actually doing it in the industry, and who know the model inside and out. To be a mentor and be spotlighted by the ASBA, you are required to have done $1 million a year in sleep medicine. The ASBA hosts regular courses with the goal to revolutionize the Academy Doctor relationship by assisting thousands of dental practices integrate sleep medicine into their practice.

On December 9th and 10th, you will be given the final opportunity in 2016 to learn these valuable skills. This learning experience is in an elite and non-vendor atmosphere, where practitioners who have built million-dollar practices will offer their combined experience of treating over 4,000 cases. Remember 6 years ago, Rod Willey the biggest stand-alone sleep practice in America, and Paul Vanwalleghem who has done over $1.5 million in sleep, JC Goodwin, another giant in the industry, all sat in on this very same study club and now look where they are today. If you’re an experienced clinician, there’s no better place to learn about dental sleep. You will gain the knowledge and tools needed to exponentially improve and invigorate your practice. Maybe you will become the next Rod Willey!


These mini-conferences are unique, very affordable, 100%-nonprofit events designed to help ASBA members and potential members enjoy continued prosperity & growth. Many have left the conference saying that it was the most vital, essential & powerful dental sleep learning event they’ve ever attended!  This past September’s study club was so well received, attendees said it was the most valuable information they had ever been given in sleep medicine. They were so impressed with the Study Club format, they said this was the best value in all of dentistry. We feature Doctors from a wide range of markets who will share insight with you on how to grow your dental sleep practice. Hear accounts from real ASBA members! Learn from their successes at our Study Club! Register for the ASBA study club now as spots are limited!

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December 2016 Study Club